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The Journal (Seneca) Upstate Today: Candidates Talk Immigration & Abortion

Kevin Bishop, a longtime communications director for U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham, Upstate realtor Phil Healy and Westminster resident Elspeth Snow Murday talked about a variety of issues at the Anderson library in response to questions from the League of Women Voters and the audience, including one related to a southern border bill that failed recently in the U.S. Senate after getting opposition from many Republican Senators.

“I’ve traveled to the southern border three times since Joe Biden was elected president,” said Bishop. “It’s an absolute disaster. I’ve been to Nogales, Arizona. I’ve been to Yuma, Arizona. I’ve been to Del Rio, Texas. That’s three different sectors of the U.S. border. And Joe Biden, what he has done on the border, is an absolute disaster.”

“We’ve seen asylum claims abused,” he added. “They’re using a thing called ‘humanitarian paroles.’ Obama and Trump each allowed 5,600 to 5,800 humanitarian parolees a year. Last year we did 1.2 million. It’s a disaster. I strongly oppose it.”

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